I am a lighthouse rather than a lifeboat. I do not rescue, but instead help others to find their own way to shore by guiding them home
— modern affirmation

Hi Lightworker!

Iā€™m Maura, and I am going to share how I became my own LIGHT in shining armor.


  I remember sitting in A.P. US History sophomore year when I was called out of class on August 31, 2005.  One of my dad's closest friends was at the office to pick me up, and my intuition immediately alerted me. Something was dreadfully wrong.  We pulled into the hospital and before we could even make it to the door I saw countless family friends. My first of many thoughts was that my parents got into some sort of accident. Far worse, I got the news that would change my life in a matter of seconds. My brightest light, best friend, the man who taught me everything I knew about God, unconditional love, serving others, my number one fan, and most importantly my dad...had unexpectedly passed away. I fell to my knees on the concrete hospital floor mid-sentence as I was being told. Like a match being blown out by a gust of hurricane wind, MY LIGHT turned into darkness. Now, I failed to mention that August 31 (831) is also the day that my mother and sister share the same birthday. How can a day meant for cheerful celebration turn so dark and cold? I have yet to know the answers on why God chose this day to bring my father back to Heaven. However, I do know that it has taken me a full 12 years to process the amount of anger and grief that eventually made me numb to life. There was more than just losing him. We lost EVERYTHING.

However, there was purpose in my pain. 

I was crippled with depression and anxiety. The amount of anger and grief I carried internally was heavier than any one person should ever carry. I was barely 90 lbs and internally I was even more dead than my physical body appeared (which seems nearly impossible). That inner turmoil overflowed into every aspect of my life. From friendships, relationships, and career paths. I hit absolute rock bottom HARBORING this pain and anger. It was time to self-heal.

Self-healing has been an arduous journey. I'm not perfect, and I am not trying to appear as a Life Coach with all the answers to everyone problems. My goal is to share the knowledge, education, and wisdom I have gained throughout my own personal pain and experiences to help others defeat theirs. If I can overcome and prevail, so can you. You will not be alone, we are in this TOGETHER.

For years, I thought I knew all the answers without therapy, a coach, and awareness. Why would I want to talk to a STRANGER about the heaviness I was carrying around? How would they understand? If you're feeling the same, know I have been there.  I. WAS. SO. WRONG. Getting my own Life Coach has brought me to the beautiful place I am today. Now, it is my time to pay it forward.

 Start this journey to your own self-healing.

If you're looking for unconditional love and light, you must first unconditionally love YOURSELF.


I cannot wait to help you grow and glow.