So, what exactly is "Be The Light" Movement all about?

Gandhi once said, "You must BE the change you wish to see in the world.”

For me, that meant taking a long hard look in the mirror staring back at myself. What if you, yourself, interrupted hate with love each opportunity that arose? Everyone is fighting an internal or external battle of some kind. A simple compliment can empower people to be more inspiring, impactful, or even motivate them. Being a light in someone's life can help others find, and understand their value, and worth when they cannot find it themselves. So next time you're out, and you see the uncomfortable person, do something to make them comfortable, and smile. When you see an upset person, help them. Turn a gossip moment into an empowering situation. All those moments are reflecting light in these people's lives. You are being the LIGHT, by LISTENING, HELPING, REFLECTING, and GIVING. WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS UP! I find the most rewarding parts of my life, are by being a light in others. The light is within every single one of US. When you find the light within yourself you can inspire someone else’s fire.

Light and Love,